Majestic Retaining Walls LC, is a design/build specialty contractor with over 20 years experience and expertise in engineering of site-specific earth reinforced structures and slope stabilization.  We have a combined total of more than 75 years of earth retention expertise within the management team. Majestic specializes in constructing segmental block retaining walls, earth anchored retaining walls, paving brick streets sidewalks and driveways. 

Majestic has been in business since 1985 with a perfect record of no failures. As far as we know we are the oldest company in the Midwest that deals strictly with segmental retaining walls and paving brick. 

We have developed efficient installation methods utilizing specialized grading equipment and can work concurrently with the grading contractor, achieving desired compaction and savings of time on the project schedule. 

 Segmental retaining walls have proven to be the ultimate choice to manage hillsides once thought impossible or too costly. Not only are segmental walls esthetically appealing but they are also cost effective, stable, and versatile. The choices of Colors and styles of blocks have made them a favorite of architects and engineers.

Segmental retaining wall systems are designed with various interlocking features and come in a range of product sizes, from small interlocking blocks to large panels. Combined with geotextiles and soil-to-wall anchoring systems, these systems has allowed us to address a variety of conditions found in the field. For heights greater than 6-8 ft., segmented retaining walls are cheaper than concrete by as much as 30-50% per square foot. In addition, the installation time is reduced because both the formwork and concrete curing times are eliminated.

Call before you plan your next project to see if we can save you money and give you more usable property.

Majestic Retaining Walls has been building walls and laying pavers for over 20 years. Verifiable! Ask to see our first walls.  They are still up and look great. This is not combined experience of the employees or time the company name existed with different owners. Majestic Retaining Walls has not been in another field of work until the last two years such as irrigation brick laying, or landscaping as our competitors. 

We are passionately interested in new techniques, materials, engineering, and equipment that will better serve our customers and have learned by experience and many hours of continued education. We attend several lectures, workshops, seminars, and industry specific conventions each year. Many of our skills have been gained from years of experience which has been critical to the success of our projects.

All employees of Majestic are taught the right way to build and not to cut corners to make it easier or faster. Contractors without experience or poor techniques let shoddy construction  problems multiply, and the effects could ripple into serious structural defects that will show up later.

Still the same owner, same craftsmanship, and same name.

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